15 thoughts on “The Story of Otto the Cat and the Chives…..

    • He is a big cat with a bad heart, sadly. The vet says he needs a new one, but I take care of him the best I can with medication and love.
      The chives recovered!
      Thank you for your nice comment.

    • Please forgive me for taking so long to reply. It could be something to do with the gardening meltdown I am having 🙂
      Dora and Daisy, who you met have not really altered at all since you met them. It is a hard problem to solve. But Heathcliff, the man who runs the charity where the cats came from, agreed to find me another, FRIENDLY cat who the girls knew and who had been at their foster home. He found me Harry- the sweetest, cuddliest balck cat with short legs, a wide body and a big face. Harry almost always has his little pink tongue sticking out and he sleeps on my bed. The charity gave him to be and did not ask for a donation for him because they were so concerned and grateful that I had not asked to send the other two back, as others might have done, when they turned out to be a little challenging. How could I possibly send them back ?! And one day….who knows, they may decide that they can trust me. x x

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