Saturday Special; my Black Poppy Blooms!

My first ‘Black Beauty’ Poppy blooms and my cries of excitement must have woken the whole neighbourhood!  I pick it in celebration of its dark, sumptuous, movie-star glamour and to bring a shot of drama to my dining table for a special supper for friends tonight!



11 thoughts on “Saturday Special; my Black Poppy Blooms!

  1. Hi Karen! I keep meaning to reply to your regular emails! Your garden is lovely and we share so many of the plants.(MY poppy is common red!)Yesterday we went to Colaton Raleigh in search of a poppy field, found it, lots of wild red poppies and many other wildflowers, some of them TINY like the pansies, scarlet pimpernel and corn spurrey. None of these will grow in my meadow as they need disturbed ground, but we have white oxeye daisies, red clover, yellowrattle and meadow buttercups, also quaking grass, plus other flowering plants. Isn’t everything going MAD this year, I love late May/June! Enjoy your garden, love, Julie

    • Hi Julie, how lovely to hear from you! I am so glad that you like my garden. What a lovely thing to do visiting the Poppy field. I had never grown Poppies until this year and I am loving them.
      I have all the same plants and wildflowers in my meadow. Aren’t meadows wonderful ?. I mow a path through it to where I put my garden rubbish which I don’t want to compost and that little path, cutting through the wildflowers and grasses is just magical. Love Karen.

    • Thank you so much. The seed packet showed the variety as having double petalled blooms, so there will be more excitement to come when they flower!

    • Yes, that’s a nice thought.
      I had no idea that bees loved Poppies so much. I just stood and watched in wonder yesterday as they buzzed busily around each flower.

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