A Visit from the Easter Bunny…..

Snuggled peacefully beneath the shade of these Spring Hellebores, this sweet and gentle Bunny has seen many Easter celebrations come and go.

Made in 1920-1939, by Denby Ware in a most comforting shade of pastel green and now with one magnificent ear showing signs of a tumble, he brings a sense of calm to this seasonal, sylvan scene.

He comes today to wish all my friends and followers a HAPPY EASTER!

12 thoughts on “A Visit from the Easter Bunny…..

  1. A very happy Easter to you! Did you know Mary Magdalene mistook Jesus for a gardener on resurrection morning? She was absolutely distraught when she found Jesus’ tomb empty. She said “Wherever you’ ve taken His body please bring it back.” Then Jesus smiled and said “Its me Mary!” Then

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment.
      I think all the characteristics which we associate with Jesus, all the gentleness and inner peace of the man are things which we associate with gardeners. I like that he could be mistaken for one, it is an indication of his true spirit and humility. The Easter story is one of great pain and suffering. You would think it would be too much for any man to bear.

    • Thank you. I do love that Bunny. The eggs were such fun to do. I made dye from red cabbage (for the blue) and onion skins (for the brown) colour. I love natural dyes and I guess you sometimes use wool which has been naturally dyed?
      Happy Easter to Mr and Mrs SOH.

  2. I love this little grouping, and the eggs are divine , but the star of the show is your beautiful rabbit,. I have just finished a book about an antique dealer who could feel the past life of an object when she held it, only a chic lit but I love the concept . Have a good Easter see you soon xxxx

    • Thank you so much Sarah. The eggs have gone to Cowslip for display on my stand outside the shop. I hope it does not rain on them or the natural dye will was off!
      I suppose that’s why many of us love older things, because we do pick up on something that they collected on the way.
      Have a lovely Easter too, Karen x x x

  3. Sorry I didn’t comment sooner, Karen! This is a lovely composition and your bunny is exquisite–such a sweet face. You really get every detail so perfect in your photos and it’s so evident that you love doing them. And I NEED some hellebores–I love them!

  4. Oh please don’t worry about making a late comment. I am so pleased to hear from you whenever it is!
    21111111111 ( I have left those numbers in as they were made by my cat, Ossie, as he walked across the keyboard. I think it says, “Happy Easter to all your cats, love Ossie”)
    Yes, I do love taking the photos. I had to laugh to myself as I set the bunny scene up because I actually washed his ears for the shot! A lovely thing….we are lucky to have the chance to do such lovely things and to gain such happiness from them.
    Hellebores would do very well with you I would have thought. I love them as cut flowers but they last only a short time indoors. Karen.

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