‘Let it Snow’…..

One shake of a snow globe is all it takes to sweep me up, sprinkled with tiny snowflakes to the miniature world of perpetual Christmas. Two shakes and I am stepping into the snow white perfection of forever winter in the magical world of Narnia. I can even feel the silky soft fur against my skin as I push through the coats in that iconic wardrobe.

Whether it’s decorating the house or cooking for Christmas I want it to feel as if I too have stepped into a snowy, forest wonderland. When there is no snow outside then soft drifts of icing sugar on Stollen or Swedish ‘Spritzbaaken’biscuits work very well for me. And when mince pies are two a penny, I want to bake with yeast and fill the house with fragrant, spiced breads and cakes which transport me to Nordic countries with snow, snow, snow.

Baking Christmas bread and then sharing it with friends is a festive tradition in my house and this Julekake is totally divine. The recipe makes two big loaves which you can slice and have with coffee, you can spread butter on it and have it as bread, you can toast it and if there is any left, you can make the best bread and butter pudding you will ever have tasted!

For the recipe for Julekake click here

For the recipe for Julekake Bread and Butter Pudding click here

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