‘Stormy Weather’……

A big storm brewing over the South West of England sends me into a spin about getting in supplies. I drive across Dartmoor and get blown into the store where cans and cans of tinned wild salmon are half price! Memories of my weekly Sunday tea with my great aunt and the visiting preacher from the next parish are so real that I can smell the tinned mandarin oranges and thinly cut slices of bread and butter. But, now comes the highlight of this mini flash-back; taking centre stage, there it is, the ultimate luxury, in 1960’s Britain, a tin of salmon, turned out in a dish, ready to be served.

As a result of 6 days of crisis weather warnings, I am now totally in the grip of siege mentality and I am piling cans of salmon in my trolley. It’s cheap, it’s stuffed full of Omega 3 fish oils and I won’t starve whilst waiting to be rescued. It will even help to protect me from Alzheimer’s (which is brilliant, because by the time I get home I can’t for the life of me remember why I bought it).

Fortunately, I can remember how to make a fishcake, but to blast away any thoughts of this salmon only being a safe, austerity treat, I want to pep things up a bit. Let’s make something with a kick. Let’s make Thai Salmon Fishcakes. And serve them with chilli mayonnaise and baby salad leaves from the garden!

(click here for the recipe for Thai Salmon Fishcakes)

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