Midsummer Mosaic Madness……

Smashing up vintage china with a hammer sends shards of pottery embellished with rich paisley pattern, gold leaf and hand painted swallows flying through the air. I am in no mood for safety, technique or planning. I am making a mosaic; nothing slick and polished, but something free spirited and easy and very, very last … Continue reading

Decorating with Shoe-String Style….

Flipping through the pages of House Beautiful and Veranda magazine fills me with a pleasure induced euphoria which soothes my soul and tells me that all is right with the world. Living in a house where I had removed interior walls, pulled down ceilings leaving electrical cables hanging down and pits in the floor where … Continue reading

Vintage Kind of Gal….

I am a vintage kind of gal with an innate love and nostalgia for all kinds of ephemera from the past. Collecting since my early teens, I am happiest in a house adorned with pre-loved items which come with a little wear and tear and a tale to tell. Today, I go on the road … Continue reading