Beetroot Pickled Eggs

I first saw this recipe in The Guardian Newspaper. It was created by Allegra McEvedy who is the co-founder of the fast-food chain Leon.

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A dozen free-range eggs

250ml vinegar (Pickling or Distilled)

250ml beetroot juice (the amount obtained from juicing 500g fresh, raw beetroot)

3tblsp golden granulated sugar




1.      Boil a pan of water and gently lower the eggs in using a wooden spoon. Simmer for six minutes, then tip into the sink so that the shells crack and leave to cool.

2.      Sterilise your jar (mine was a 1 ltr) by filling with boiling water and also submerge lid in boiling water. When the eggs have cooled, peel them.

3.      Chill in the fridge for at least 10 minutes to make sure they are properly cold then put them in the jar. In a bowl mix the vinegar with the beetroot juice and sugar, then pour onto the eggs. Fill right to the top.

4.      Put the lid on and keep in the fridge. They are good straight away, but ideally you want to leave them for a couple of weeks.




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